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When we return wild animals to nature we merely return them to what is already theirs, For man cannot give animals freedom, they can only take it away. -Jacques Cousteau-

Do You Ever Get Lonely? In fact, they deal with intense loneliness for years, then they go insane and you get to see the results on the news. If you go to the zoo or to waterparks, you are the reason they live enslaved lonely lives.

I #Boycott Zoos and facilities that keep animals captive 4 entertainment Our sea creature belong in the seas and oceans!!! Let's keep them there and protect them!!! Keep oceans clean!!! they are NOT for DUMPING!!!

Canada May Approve an Oil Pipeline That Threatens the World's Most Endangered Killer Whales | TakePart

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@CarnivalCruise @CoveMovie_OPS @RichardOBarry Don't sell swimming with dolphins excursions. #dontswimwithdolphins