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Anton Rubinstein - The Demon (Ballet Music from the Opera) (1871) -

Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff 1873 – 1943 Russian-born composer, a virtuoso pianist, he excelled at the interpretation of the late romantic composers.

Johann Strauss (March 14, 1804 – September 25, 1849; German: Johann Baptist Strauß, Johann Strauss (Vater); also Johann Baptist Strauss, Johann Strauss, Sr., the Elder, the Father), born in Vienna, was an Austrian Romantic composer famous for his waltzes, and for popularizing them alongside Joseph Lanner, thereby setting the foundations for his sons to carry on his musical dynasty.

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7 Essential Books on Music, Emotion, and the Brain

-both a musician himself and one of the greatest living neuroscientists —. It’s the kind of read that will leave you at once astounded by how much you’ve learned about its subject and keenly aware of how little you know about it.

Giuseppe Verdi was born in Italy in 1813, prior to Italian unification. Verdi produced many successful operas, including La Traviata, Falstaff and Aida, and became known for his skill in creating melody and his profound use of theatrical effect. Additionally, his rejection of the traditional Italian opera for integrated scenes and unified acts earned him fame. Verdi died on January 27, 1901, in Milan, Italy.