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Watch Earthlings, the documentary

what you eat is your personal choice; remember when you eat meat you are eating someone who wanted to live ~ Brooks

If you are repulsed by seeing what happens to animals in factory farms and cant watch it why is it ok to support it

try to watch a video on how your meat used to be an animal and all that they go through in the slaughter house. I couldn't watch much of a documentary so. that was my turning point to stop eating animals.

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Animal abuse is NEVER "cool" nor is it entertaining. Say NO to rodeos! Say NO to animal abuse!

Carnism is elitist. It's the belief in one's superiority and that everyone should be subject to it. Veganism is about dismantling the abuse of one's superiority over others. It's abolitionist, not elitist.

Hanna Golan on

"Being vegan is not elitist. Believing one has the right to take the life of another for pleasure and tradition is elitist.

Ricky Gervais

10 Outrageously Awesome Quotes From Ricky Gervais That Prove He Is a Bonafide Animal Lover!

If the answer is "No," it's time to go vegan!

If not, please go vegan. Or at least please buy animal products from humane places.

Don't be selectively compassionate.

if dogs awaiting slaughter is wrong, then cows awaiting slaughter is also wrong, go cruelty-free living.

could you look an animal in the eye and say to it, "My appetite is more important than your suffering.?" courtesy ~Moby #Govegan #vegan

Marc Slavin on

I became a vegan a few months ago, and it was this actual quote that woke me up…