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As a dancer, I love inspiring dance photography, especially those of dancers executing their moves in the mid-air. Besides the great photographic skills of the photographer, what I see behind each and every image are years of training, hard work,...

Tips On Picking Up Choreography Quickly

"A huge thing that helped me when I was a younger dancer in Drill-Team was a technique we named “calling it”. Try to label each part of the choreography that you are struggling with. Name the sections something that can provide you with an image in your head so there is a cognitive connection to the actual movement. As you are dancing you “call it” in your head to help you remember the phrases that come next."

This is something that every dancer should see! It's an awesome online yoga system carefully crafted for dancers! A series of yoga classes of all lengths, guided meditations, and other helpful resources that are all fully-downloadable. Check it out & share with all dancers you know!

Arizona Broadway Theatre

Far from angular and robotic, a ballerina’s arm movements are arguably the most fluid feature of her dancing. Just like there are five standard positions of the feet, there are also five positions of the arms in ballet. Working in conjunction with the...