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Love it. Great for those April showers

Did you get a Tiger In Your Tank? Esso (Exxon) gave out these long, furry tiger tails when you filled up your tank X amount of times. You connected the tail to the gas knob thing of your gas tank. When you drove around, it looked like you had a tiger in your tank. I remember being so proud when we finally got a tail! --atticpaper

Introducing... Jen Collins, illustrator and ceramicist

I want to do my nails like this! I love bright neon colors :)


Singing in the Rain Umbrella

Felix Rey Singing in the Rain Umbrella-I had a clear raincoat, in 5th grade, that had Singing in the Rain on it..Mother ordered it from Neimans. She saw the ad in The Dallas Morning News....memories.

Finfolk productions tail. I really like this tail. It was "tiger shark" inspired but to me I think of a blue marlin or a sailfish when I see this one.

Tiger Beat David Cassidy Osmonds Bobby Sherman Michael Gray

Maybe he was a model cat before you found him, I mean that would explain why he acts like he deserves every bit of attention that he gets. ^_^


The Totally Practical, Extraordinarily Stunning Canine's Raincoat

The Totally Practical, Extraordinarily Stunning Canine's Raincoat --- from ---