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I love how America's character can go from being this super goofy, geeky, hero to an angel faced criminal.

Got a little bit of Mitch going on there. Is that a cigarette? I suppose that would annoy Vegas, so I wouldn't put it past him.

*//////* I LOVE YOU England from Hetalia

American boy guys country flag truck american

Thinking of a couple of characters here...this also gives me a great idea for a book or perhaps a short story. I do hope the artist doesn't mind if I use this.

Blue Exorcist ~~ Yukio Okumura. Does anyone else absolutely love Yukio besides me? I convinced my older sister to watch the series and she came up to me and said "I don't like Yukio. He's kinda a jerk and his face bugs me." Of course I disagree with her. Anyone have any thoughts on his adorable face?

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