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What a terrible end, poor soul!

Since nobody thinks he's attractive, I will gladly bite the bullet and marry him! Lol, as if it would be so hard... he's adorable! Them dwarf women don't know what they're missing! Haha. Don't worry Kili, I'm coming to marry you! Lol ;)

They will unleash their wrath !!!

Precious and beautiful soul that's who you are Mr. Peanut JM; last pinner wrote Meet Peanut, the Ugliest Dog in the World

Will you be my bridesmaid? A.k.a. poor soul who caters to an overly anxious lunatic, bites her tongue about her ugly dress, and agrees with the bride ALWAYS. | Wedding/Engagement Ecard

I can see beauty where others see ugliness. That either makes me an artist or a person or very poor taste

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