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Since nobody thinks he's attractive, I will gladly bite the bullet and marry him! Lol, as if it would be so hard... he's adorable! Them dwarf women don't know what they're missing! Haha. Don't worry Kili, I'm coming to marry you! Lol ;)

With this picture ( and others) I don't understand why people say Thomas Brodie Sangster (AKA Newt) is ugly

THIS. JUST THIS. Says it all... although Season 4 Sam wasn't my favorite, it hurt to watch that happen to him. He tried so hard to do the right thing... and then to see him in season 8... just wow. #amazing

Poor guy! I tell my daughter to wait for a guy to open a door--how are they going to learn? This chick messes it all up for us!

The Ugly Sweater:my sisters Marilou, Margie, and Bea used to wear this. I think they still do, they said it's their favorite.