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The Voter Fraud Law Fraud.... They WASTE TIME With this bs when they NEED to be presenting us at the very least with JOB BILLS!!!!

Bernie Sanders Exposes The Republican Fraud Behind Voter ID Laws Via New GAO Report~Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) initiated the request with the GAO that led to the newly released report on voter ID laws. The report found that voter ID laws have nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with lowering election turnout.

Requiring the "right ID" is easier to fake than providing 4 forms that have your address and name on them. Wisc Voter ID law will make it easier to commit voter fraud, and besides, Wisconsin did not have a problem with in person fraudulent voting in the first place.

Republicans boast that their party is all about small Government, riiight so tell us more about your voter ID, voter suppression laws, and the War on Women? End the Government shutdown and #DumpTheGOP

Keep Wisconsin Blue on

Fox News Admits #WIVoterID Laws May Disenfranchise Voters #UniteBlue

Next Time Someone Tells You Voter ID Laws Won’t Keep People From Voting, Show Them THIS! (Image)