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Easy tips to help your family cut back on processed meats such as hot dogs, deli meat, pepperoni and other meats with nitrates, which may increase your risk for diseases like cancer. #health #food #cancer

Cancer-causing substances form when processed meats are preserved. And, eating these meats can damage your DNA, raising your colon cancer risks. Use this guide to determine how much processed meat you’re eating. #health #food #diet #meat

Eating too much red meat can increase colon cancer risk. Try to limit red meat to 18 oz. or less each week to keep your cancer risks low. Use this guide to determine how much red meat you are eating. Pork, lamb, deer, buffalo and beef, including hamburgers, are all red meat.

Salt can increase your risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease. Good tips from @Janet Russell-Snider Heart Association to help you trim salt from your #diet. #food #nutrition

Make the USDA's MyPlate your plate to help maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of diseases like cancer. @MyPlate Recipes #health #food #diet

Research shows that common meats served at barbecues, such as hot dogs and hamburgers, can increase a person's chances for colon cancer. So, before you fire up the grill, use this grilling infographic to help you serve healthy barbecue dishes that won't expose you and your family to increased cancer risks. #food #recipes #cancer #grilling #summer

Exploring Red Meat Alternatives

Eating more than 18 oz. of red meat a week may raise your risk of diseases like cancer. Try these red meat alternatives instead. #food #health

Recipes for Mexican food, wraps and rolls that can help you get the protein your body needs without using unhealthy processed meat products. #recipe #food #health

Eating more than 18 oz. of red meat a week may raise your risk for cancer. Learn how one red meat fan cut back on red meat by eating other, healthier protein alternatives. #food #diet

How to use fruits and vegetables to help manage your weight and help your body fight off diseases like cancer. #food #health #diet #nutrition