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♻ This a hand-made treehouse built by a group of friends on a campsite. It started with a big, old elm tree located right in the center of the camp. When the owners of the site discovered that the elm tree has contracted Dutch Elm disease, their first initial reaction was to cut it down. Luckily, further investigation down the line lead them to discover that the trunk was healthy and still very strong. So instead of chopping it down, they came up with the idea of building a treehouse…

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50 Kids Treehouse Designs

This one's more of a "pretend" tree-house. It's almost like the tree just happens to be there.

Inspiration: Treehouse for Grownups

Over the past year, we've shared some of our backyard projects with you. They've been large-scale projects and smaller weekend projects but we have one on the list that will be our true pièce de résistance. We've been slowly collecting inspiration swipes from books and magazines, wood from Craigslist and old windows from UrbanOre. Why? Well, to build a treehouse....of course! The above photo is our top inspiration of the moment (look at the rope bridges!). Jump below for a link ...

Cedar Spire (Fife, Scotland) A fairy-tale castle sits on the grounds of a grand Scottish estate. Its majestic details include: stained-glass windows, conical roofs and a balcony that's perfect for playing Rapunzel.

30 Tree Perch and Lookout Deck Ideas Adding Fun DIY Structures to Backyard Designs

30 Tree Perch and Lookout Deck Ideas Adding Fun DIY Structures to Backyard Designs, There is one in there. That is like a extra treehouse space pit up some more for special. SO COOL!!