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Sillhouettes made in PS. what a great little girls room decoration: her own sillhouette!

"Young Girl at the Wall" Italian painter Luigi Amato (1898 - 1961) from Children in Art History

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The #dreamgirl of yesteryears is still as #charming. Did someone stop the clock for the beautiful #HemaMalini ? She has a very busy life. Dividing time between her dance, movies, her constituency and being a doting #grandmother! We at #Shatika are her fans from ‘Seeta aur Geeta’ to ‘Baghban’ the ravishing Libran started her career in 1963 and is still going strong today!

Antique Milk cans A big dairy truck would stop & empty these into a tank & then go to the plant to process it.

This is a photo from Captain Shackleton's final mission and hut. We spent a long time inside, exploring all the nooks and crannies. One of the most fascinating things to me are all the logistics of the food and rations. There were about a dozen men on the expedition. - Antarctica - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at

Tremendous UV tattoo work from Good Art Guide member @elsonyeo 'And it's been a longggggg time since I'd endeavoured in a #Blacklight #UV #tattoo. Felt like the good ol #Clubbing days/ #daze of #yesteryears today at @thinktattoosg !! Wendy's #neck #Phoenix #tattoo Rebirths! #Details be my bane and my Gain. C'est la vie. #art #illustration #drawing #draw #picture #artist #sketch #sketchbook #paper #pen #pencil #artsy #instaart #beautiful #instagood #gallery #masterpiece #creative…

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A&D Aug-Sep 2015

A&D-Aug-Sep-2015 Manufacturing is now entering a new phase which is more of customisation-oriented production, where there is lesser emphasis on productivity and efficiency, and more focus on agility and responsiveness. Going forward, there will be more efforts on making to individual requirements, sometimes thought of as mass-customisation, rather than high throughput, low variability mass production. Moreover, today’s factory floor is also far from yesteryears’ hectic, unorganised…

Wicked Childhood Laughing today but yesteryears of youth was frightening indeed! Like holding my breath! I was raised on a salted shrimp paste and rice pre~chewed by grandma Kwi-Yo and her milkless nipple for a pacifier. Yes, were very poor. Still wealthy compared to many. I had sores on my forehead from sweat. Being tied to grandma back all day long made it all was worst or started it. Still being the first born from her only son she toiled. I grew up with stye eyes and them fever blisters…