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The Spectacular ‘Opera on the Lake’ Stages of Bregenz: Nabucco, 1993-1994. The set must weigh as little as possible. Too much concrete, brick and solid wood are weatherproof but too heavy for the concrete core the stage is set on. Typically a sandwich construction of steel on the inside and wood on the outside is used. While light-weight synthetic materials do exist, the stage itself must be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way at the end of the second season.

André Chénier - Scenery The technical complexity is amazing to bring dynamics into the stage scenery. Along with it there are the light effects.Opera in four acts by Umberto Giordano, played this summer on the floating stage in Bregenz, Austria. August 10, 2011.

Carmen... The world’s most incredible floating stage is located on the shore of Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria. Every two years, the stage gets completely redesigned for the Bregenzer performing arts festival.