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10 Tips for Wildcrafting Medicinal Herbs

from Prevention

Should You Take A Daily Aspirin Or Not?

Remove Sweat Stains by soaking clothes with 2 crushed aspirin in 1/2 cup warm water; de-pill winter jackets and sweaters by rubbing w/ a pumice stone n then removing w/ a lint roller.... plus other great tricks/tips

from SELF

Cancer Just Comes Down To 'Bad Luck' Says Scientists

Cancer Just Comes Down To ‘Bad Luck’ Says Scientists

Contrary to popular belief, animal milk does not promote strong bones, as the dairy industry would have you believe. Dairy products are in fact the number one cause of osteoporosis and breast cancer. Casein, the milk protein, is one of the worst carcinogens ever. Animal milk (and other animal products) are highly acidic, so they cause bone and muscle loss and promote cancer cells growth. A natural, raw / mostly raw, whole-food plant based diet (fruitarian,

from Traditional Medicinals

Tincture 101

How to Make An Herbal Tincture

from Melissa K. Norris

Wild Edible Plant Foraging How to Make Nettle Leaf Tea

How to harvest wild edible plants and make nettle leaf tea. Did you know all the medicinal reasons to use nettle leaf tea? Recipe and tutorial here

from BuzzFeed

17 Incredible Houseplants You Need Right Now

String of Pearls | 17 Incredible Houseplants You Need Right Now

from Lauren Conrad

Fit Tips: 5 Things to Keep You Healthy At Work

5 Tips to Stay Healthy at Work