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Twenty-five years ago this month Magic Johnson, the professional basketball player, first publicly disclosed his positive HIV status. And one year ago, act

If your breath smells like you've been chomping on sardines all day, listen up! According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), over 90 percent of bad breath originates in the mouth, throat, and tonsils. The main reason bad breath kicks in is thanks to bacteria in your mouth that feeds off of the particles of food that are stuck between your teeth and have been sitting there for hours. Now, here's how to kick bad breath to the curb... #FrandsendDental

Bad Breath Home Remedies Bad breath is mostly caused due to bacteria buildup in the mouth. This write-up provides a few some solutions to prevent bad breath, and keep your mouth feeling fresh, and free of foul odor.

Treating Bad Breath Do people turn away when you talk to them? Or are you surrounded with people offering you mint?