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Some many people suffer in silence, i know i did. Sometimes that quiet person who never talks to anyone really just needs a good friend to talk and cry with. BE THAT FRIEND THEY NEED.

This is so me. My mom told me I slept a lot last year. Too much, in fact. She accuses me of staying in fandom world too much. Not living in reality. I don't have a problem with that. Sometimes reality sucks.

All of the above. Especially my friends. I have more guy friends that girl friends (cuz girls are lying bitches, guys arent) and Nick is having a party & he invited me & it's just a couple of the guys & me & Aly & my mom isn't letting me go because she thinks they're going to fucking rape me! That pisses me the fuck off, they would NEVER lay a hand on me!

Fathers all father no matter your beef with them deserve their rights towards their children. I am may hate his guts but I shouldn't punish my daughter for her mistakes