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All of the above. Especially my friends. I have more guy friends that girl friends (cuz girls are lying bitches, guys arent) and Nick is having a party & he invited me & it's just a couple of the guys & me & Aly & my mom isn't letting me go because she thinks they're going to fucking rape me! That pisses me the fuck off, they would NEVER lay a hand on me!

This is so me. My mom told me I slept a lot last year. Too much, in fact. She accuses me of staying in fandom world too much. Not living in reality. I don't have a problem with that. Sometimes reality sucks.

I have over 13,000 children in my pediatric practice and I have to say, as unpopular as this observation might be, my unvaccinated children are by far the healthiest. - Dr. Paul Thomas, Dartmouth-trained pediatrician in practice for 30 years

Some many people suffer in silence, i know i did. Sometimes that quiet person who never talks to anyone really just needs a good friend to talk and cry with. BE THAT FRIEND THEY NEED.

Most Dangerous Flu Vaccine Ever Being Pushed On The Public! An important message to anyone considering taking this year's flu vaccine