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I wrote a crack fic where everything in LotR was the same but instead of arguing over the One Ring, they were arguing over who got to carve the turkey. It was a Thanksgiving themed contest.

Like a moth to tumblr - Album on Imgur

Like a moth to tumblr

Imagine if the professor was the opposite sex of the person having to tell the pick up line😂😂

This is annoying.....

the kind of trolling that i hate so much i will now inflict on others


XD Marvel cookie cutters - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

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Why did you have to bring Doug into it though? He's too innocent for that shadiness 😢

Funny tumblr post

And next thing you know its Sunday night and you're wondering where the hell the two days went and go into panic mode at everything you didnt do!

An apartment with big windows

With a ton of plants and a cute kitchen and a little nook in the corner for reading with a cup of coffee and the rain pouring at the window.

funny, jokes, and lol image

School dress codes don't allow shoulders, but knives are totally cool.

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I do like the cookie part of the Oreo, not the frosting part.

Gravity-without it you just have gravy, tumblr funny

I'll get it on my fucking face that is the joke that will raise the messiah