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Get Santa some egg nog, stat!

Santa is a scary concept . a strange man breaking into your house and creeping into your room. While the real deal is a jolly fellow, the same can't be said for these quite terrifying creepy Santas.

Laps from Hell: 34 Creepy Santas - Team Jimmy Joe

Laps from Hell: 34 Creepy Santas

Share your Creepy Santa Claus pictures. Kids are scared of Santa. He can be silly & scary, but most Santas are the most warm hearted people in the world.

Why Mommy Why?? Creepy Santa Photos - http://www.cvltnation.com/mommy-creepy-santa-photos/

16 Creepiest Santa Claus Photos That Will Make Your Children Cry

Want to get pictures done this year, although i'm sure it will be lots of tears! It's really a must have photo for kids. :)

How do you think pictures with Santa went? This will be Addison this year.

Santa's little helper got curious about whether that beard was real.

Laps from Hell: 34 Creepy Santas


What you can't see is a bungie cord holding this Santa up.

According to the older boy in the photo - “drunk and smelly santa from 1984!”

According to the older boy in the photo - “drunk and smelly santa from

I don’t know what they asked for for Christmas, but Santa looks like he’s asking for a cocktail.

Not sure why lil kids in particular are sooo excited about Santa bringing them gifts but are terrified of sitting in his lap & asking for them, lol.

Zombie Santa.  Why are we surprised that this poor little boy is crying?  I'd be crying if I was sitting there at age 25.   #uglychristmassweater #tacky #fun #christmas

27 More Scary, Creepy Santas to Sit On - Team Jimmy Joe


Crying Santa kids photo gallery

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