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Here, this group demonstrates "sit" and must remain in this position until given their next command. They are all pros so no problems here. We were in a public space at Capitol University.

Need my dog to be my partner, not a pain. Dog Training in Milwaukee, WI | Dog Trainer - Jason Loomis | Sit Means Sit

What can you expect at an Amazing Pet Expo? Adopt! Dozens of Rescue Groups and a Mega-Adoption Event Discounted Vaccinations, Microchipping and Heartworm & Flea Preventatives Live Entertainment, Obedience Demonstrations, Learn About Pet Care, Volunteerism, Grooming, Pet Behavior & Training, Traveling with your Pet, How YOU Can Make a Difference, Different Types of Pets/Breeds, Veterinarian FAQ, Fun Activities for You

Grooming an Aggressive Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier): Part 1 - YouTube start at 6:20 for position on how to hold yorkie when trimming nails

Does having a dog now mean that you'll be stuck at home for the next decade? Teach your dog to be home alone in five easy steps.

Training your dog can be a fun way to bond with your pal! Get started with some hand signals. From there, you can move on to commands like "sit" and "down." Learn more at Petcentric.com.

In our gallery you will find a collection of 10 ideas on how to make a really cool collar or leash for your dog.

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