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Ballet Conditioning Exercises

Ballet Conditioning Page~ I have compiled a treasure trove of ballet conditioning exercises over my thirty years of teaching. I will share them with you on this page. Click on photo to get the full post!

Moon - I loved you with everything I knew to give. You push away my every effort like it means nothing to you. You are destroying any confidence I had in us, is this what you want? If so babe, let it be. I will tear you from the fibers of my soul and run away from you and let you be free from from my efforts to to be with you. You are truly unbelievable. Peace,, my sweet!:) Truly I didn't mind being a fool for you...but no longer.

Revisiting Mentor Sentences! This blog is a wealth of information about mentor sentences. I will do this next school year.

✿⊱╮Porque os bons sentimentos nunca têm fim! Temos um mundo de possibilidades! Qual possibilidade você deseja abraçar hoje? VIVA O INFINITO!✿⊱╮

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30 Places You'd Rather Be Sitting Right Now

Spring in Colmar, France. Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

This is my dream home right here! I thought that i would never be able to get on of these but with my dream to become a doctor i will make the money to earn this house and nothing will stop me. I hope that some people have big goals like i do because it really makes life easier;) We can help you get your dream home look at

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Sweet on Stockholm: 13 reasons to savor 'Capital of Scandinavia'

FROM: PEARL, HANS, NADINE, TUALIA & CAROL D. GEBS YOUR SISTERS, BROTHER & NIECES WITH LOTS OF LOVE ........ HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: R. GILL! ...... A NEW YEAR'S BABY..............From: Bern, Zurich....Switzerland & Swaziland .... with love......Switzerland

paris flats His flat was across the street from mine. In the morning, he stood on the balcony, drank his coffee, and looked up at the sky. At night, he sat in a corner of his balcony and read by the light of the streetlamps. I never had the courage to talk to him, just watched him from behind the curtain, dreaming about what could have been.

I make a conferring schedule, with each kid having a day that they know I will confer with them. That makes it more manageable for me to get to everyone.