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I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who enjoys reading!! It is my second favorite book and favorite dystopian future novel. Check it out!

I will never forget any detail about you no matter how insignificant or small it may be. Hands, nails, fingertips… I notice everything. I shadow your every step I follow your every move, inspect your every post, read your every book. I save your every drawing & check your every like. I haunt your every nightmare and fight your every evil. I cherish your every interest and list them down to build you a piece of heaven you might one day come back to.

There was one person who came in my life and question my soul everything . He crack my soul .He came in my life to show me what's holding you back . Like, Somethings is needed to change . Now, I look my self , I see where I am now. What brought me so far? I am amazed. I really thank him for everything . Even I though made some mistakes , I know you will forgive But that's the only way we learn.