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Top 5 Turtleneck Sweaters for Men

Turtlenecks are so often over looked in men’s fashion, being regarded as dowdy and something your grandad may have worn in the 70s. However this is certainly not that case, and this handy guide of ...

Finally! A gluten and dairy free stuffed mushroom. Might have to make a test batch for research purposes......

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How to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee in Your Blender

Pour Baileys Irish Cream over coffee ice cubes ... I must try this!

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5 Tips for Getting Kids to WILLINGLY Donate Toys

5 Tips for Getting Kids to WILLINGLY Donate Toys *Perfect for around the holidays

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22 Problems All People With Resting Bitchface Will Understand

Friends Boss Explains Missing Blu-ray Deleted Footage and What Might Reunite the Cast

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25 'Game Of Thrones' GIFs For When Words Fail You

When you find out from Facebook that your friends all went out last night without you. jon-snow-sad

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Bahahaha---I thought I invented this!!! lol It's an actual thing now. Cleaning House combined with Aerobics! Call it killing 2 birds with one stone (although I never understood why killing the birds was necessary), call it multitasking (which we all know by reading some of my other articles, can lead to multi-distractions if we are not careful).