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MAJOR FEELS ATTACK. We needed Team Cap taking down every Hydra asshole brutally. Too bad the Avengers already did it and they didn't take adequate revenge.

''The asset might've taken down Captain America, but Bucky Barnes would never, ever harm Steve Rogers.'' This whole thing is heartbreaking. :( / The Winter Soldier

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Steve Rogers has gotten used to being chased by testy brunettes. Bucky Barnes: "STEVE NO". Peggy Carter: "The plane is the other way Steve". Sam Wilson: "I will kill your star spangled ass Rogers". The Winter Soldier: *angry soviet noises*<<<Our fandom.

bucky/loki | My art Captain America bucky barnes srsly tho The Winter Soldier ...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier LOL I started calling a girl on our swim team Bucky whenever her eyeliner and mascara smudged

Comic Book Coffee Table AAAAAWWWWEEEESSSSMMMAAAZZZIIINNGG!!!!! This will go in the man cave!! - The Boy

Comic Book Coffee Table


"Protective team mates are protective by johanirae on deviantART" Falcon should realize that whatever he says is going to go in one ear and out the other. If Bucky intervenes, Steve will only listen to Bucky