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Shopping cart train. I use this all the time. Simple solution to needing two baskets. Line up like you see here, the one on the right close the baby seat and use the seat belt to clip to the full cart on left. Then pull your train! Works great!!

Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

Lately the book Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie has been making the rounds through the classical homeschooling community. Why has it made such an impact?

As a parent, your first instinct is to protect your child from any pain she might encounter, whether physical or emotional. While you can and certainly should make sure that the environment in which your child lives is as safe as possible and that she’s protected from physical harm, it’s simply not possible to shield her from the sting of disappointment or rejection.

Read the Bible for Life - one of the best Bible studies that I've ever used, and perfect for high school, college, young adult, and everyone else!

Traditional Christmas songs can often be too fast or lyrically too difficult for young learners. Super Simple Songs - Christmas is full of holiday songs...