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Ragnar Lothbrok is portrayed by Travis Fimmel in the TV series Vikings, and one of the traits of the character Ragnar Lothbrok is his hair and haircut. Ragnar Lothbrok has long hair cut in an undercut

In the century, a Córdoban merchant named al-Tartushi visited the Danish market town of Hedeby. He noted that Viking women enjoyed the right to divorce: "They part with their husbands whenever they like." (Alyssa Sutherland from the series Vikings)


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Travis Fimmel History channel's Vikings. When they can kill you with one look, I'm in love.

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar. Those eyes! I have to say he is so much hotter all rough and tumble instead of his pretty boy model style

Viking chainmail armor

Looks like this is from the show Vikings on the History Channel. While I know styles of this armor existed, I am not sure as to the accuracy of the time and location.