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9 Crafty Ways To Repurpose Teacups

This ingenious creation took a bit of DIY crafting and a whole lot of whimsical imagination. If you have a full set of tiny teacups gathering dust, create a one-of-a-kind accent lamp and top it off with a golden teapot, to add some unique antique cottage charm to your home. Get the tutorial.

Putting On My Top Hat…Lamp?

Alice in Wonderland Top Hat Lamp A creation of Juvenile Hall Design: Kids rooms ©2009 PIN IT!

8 Lace Projects to Add Flourish to Your Home

"So I guess that means that things are better Must not be so bad at home I thought it looked like you were leavin' But it don't And I heard you tell her you still love her So it doesn't matter what you say I saw it all From a table away" -Sunny Sweeney

What do you think of this unique kitchen chandeliers made from recycled kitchen utensils? There are literally hundreds of ways to repurpose old cutlery. Here are a few examples to get the creative juices flowing: Feeling inspired?

DIY Teacup Lamp (how to drill china)

11 classy ways to reuse an old teacup Idea Box by Feathering My Nest - Lacey Haskell