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Mark Hyman, MD: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need (The HuffingtonPost doesn't have a proper "Pin It" Button --  thus the lack of photo here -- but this article is AWESOME and is a huge nod to Paleo-type eating. LOVE to see this dialogue on a national level!)

The Last Diet You Will Ever Need

Most people don't care enough to make a difference. Most people aren't going to buy that new thing you're selling. Most people are afraid to take action. Most people are too self-involved to do the generous work you're hoping for.

Would crochet it instead... HOW TO make Bao's macrame t-shirt throw that was featured on The Nate Berkus Show

50+ Collection Of DIY T-shirt Ideas

I think i just found me a project for the day! HOW TO make Bao's macrame t-shirt throw that was featured on The Nate Berkus Show

I'm A Lady With The Vocabulary Of A Well Educated Sailor T-shirts, Hoodies,

I Wear Emerald Green For My Friend Awareness Support T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top

T-shirt Quilt. I have tons of dad's ECU t-shirts that would make a pretty neat quilt.

T-shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilt: step by step instructions. I have saved t-shirts just for this project.

chair workout.  The step ups are great!  The tricep kick dips didnt seem to work so much so i kept my leg out while dipping with my arms, and it worked well.  The alternating leg lifts...uhh gravity tells us if we put too much force at the edge of a chair it will flip, so use your core or skip those ;)

Chair Workout

Try this Chair Workout from Pumps & Iron. Set a timer for 40 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the sequence 5 times. I LOVE LOVE CHAIR WORK OUTS! They help me when kiddos are sleeping

Team Sherlock…I want to do this now. I just need three other friends who would do this with me and @Jenn L Clees

Team Sherlock…

I don't know who these girls are, but I want to be their friend. Or I want my friends to be this awesome

I love this photo, I have it on a shirt. Love PJ Harvey.

Polly Jean Harvey : is an English musician, singer-songwriter, composer and occasional artist. Primarily known as a vocalist and guit.