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Roman Weisenau helmet from the former Axel Guttmann collection, now presumably in an unknown private collection. Estimated as second half first century AD.

The face of mock battles – images of Roman cavalry helmets from Germania Inferior

The Nijmegen cavalry helmet, an iron mask sheathed in bronze and silver discovered in 1915 on the left bank of the Waal river near Nijmegen, second half of the first century, Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen (Netherlands) © Carole Raddato

Chilta hazar masha (coat of a thousand nails), kulah khud (helmet), bazu band (arm guards). Indian armored clothing made from layers of fabric faced with velvet and studded with numerous small brass nails, which were often gilded. Fabric armor was very popular in India because metal became very hot under the Indian sun. This example has additional armor plates on the chest area, arms, and thighs. The Wallace Collection, London England.

illustration of Angus Mcbride showing roman army warriors during the invasion of Britain in the 1st century AD

Golden Roman Helmet, found near the remains of Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia). Probably from around 14BC - 1st Century AD.

Infantryman, II Britannica, fourth century AD by Richard Hook

I have done several concept arts yesterday and today, I will post them next week as soon as I'll be able to, after coloring some of them. But basically, I ha...

Bronze gladiator’s helmet. Said to be found at the gladiators’ barracks at Pompeii . Roman, 1st Century CE. British Museum