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Kim Kauffman’s new ‘Florilegium’ botanical photography series is all about capturing the beauty of flowers in a unique and original way.


Psychedelic Garden Photography : botanical photography

Psychedelic Garden Photography - This Botanical Photography Series is Unique and Lively (GALLERY)


Floral Face Recreations : justina blakeney

Justina Blakeney Creates Botanical Beauties Using Leaves and Flowers


Glazed Insect Statues : Fulop Gabor

FULOP GABOR- dead ladybug sculpture...ewww


Face-Infested Collages : Justine Khamara

Justine Khamara

Flowers | The Flower BookOrder Asparagales Family Orchidaceae Common orchid hybrid Botanical Clowesia Rebecca Northen × Catasetum Alice Maud


Dream-Like Bubble Photography : colorful bubbles

HamToast’s Close-Ups of Colorful Bubbles Will Blow Your Mind

:: PHOTOGRAPHY :: the eyes through a lens, it is amazing to see how the camera has evolved over the years, how instant an image is with the digital world. The moments we sometimes take for granted with things so instant versus the time and effort in framing an image just perfectly so with the pleasant surprise of traditional film ... love this image for both the subject matter as well how beautiful classic black and white is always timeless #photography