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Stand up for what you believe in, stand up for what you know is right, stand up for those who have no voices of their own. Save the planet.

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german Shepard refrigerator magnet 2 1/2 x 3

My dogs wait outside the door when I am in any room that they aren't. I love hearing them rest against the door waiting for me with little cries like I have been gone all day and it's been 5 mins.

6 common training mistakes that most German Shepherd owners make #germanshepherd #gsdtraining

orelhas de abano. filhote de cachorro pastor alemão preto macio animais bonitos do bebê do cão patas grandes

It's almost fall and Halloween! More

German Shepherds are loyal probably the best dogs but you just need to train them-they will give their life for you-so go and hug your dog-and wish it is a German shepard haha

And if anyone tried any thing with that little girl the dog would need a tooth pick afterwards

Mom says after breakfast we can go out and play... My kids will grow up knowing what it's like to have the most amazing dog as a best friend! <3 German shepherds

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German Shepherds on

Cute animal photos by - German Shepherds on