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On Kawara (american, born Japan, 1933), "Oct. 31, 1978" (Today Series, "Tuesday"), 1978, acrylic on canvas and newspaper, 155 x 226 cm, Contemporary Art, Gallery 294, Art Institue Chicago: one of more than two thousand “date paintings” that On Kawara has produced since 1966. Though they vary in size, each work shares a similar format—the specific date, which is painted without the use of stencils in white, occupies a central location on the monochromatic canvas and is the painting’s sole…

Papeleras: dónde conseguir los mejores objetos de papel

Leo Miro

"There is only one way to read, which is to browse in libraries and bookshops, picking up books that attract you, reading only those, dropping them when they bore you, skipping the parts that drag-and never, never reading anything because you feel you ought, or because it is part of a trend or a movement. Remember that the book which bores you when you are twenty or thirty will open doors for you when you are forty or fifty-and vise versa. Don’t read a book out of its right time for you."…