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Tracking Retail Cricket Flour Prices

Chart of retail cricket flour prices from January 2015 to January 2017 from several on-line stores |

Caffeine in Your Cup of Tea: Loose Versus Bagged

The caffeine in your cup of tea is affected by many variables. One of the most important is whether the tea is loose or bagged. This chart shows caffeine evolution for loose tea and four sizes of square bags. The key lesson: if you want the most caffeine, stay loose |

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A Google Books Ngram of Pumpkin Pie and Spice

I thought it would be fun to run three pumpkin terms through the Ngrams Viewer from Google Books: pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie spice, and pumpkin spice. There was a major dip for pumpkin pie from mid-1940s to late-1960s. Pumpkin pie spice boomed in the 1970s |

Painting of Moringa oliefera from Flore médicale, by F.P. Chaumeton and others, Paris (1815)