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Why does this perfectly sum up my life?

11 Best Movies Quotes of 21st Century

Just do it, as NIKE would say. And I agree, it might be the best quote ever. If you don't think but just do what you want, live might be better. So why not try it?

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Movie Quote Forrest Gump Typography Art Poster Life is Like a Box of Chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get movie Best movie quote

I know this is talking about books , but this is how I always felt growing up. Felt like an alien or someone born in the wrong time. Really it was just that I was an INTJ

It was funny when Anakin and Obi Wan met because it was like "Hey I'm Anakin I'll cut off your legs and leave you burning I hope we can be friends"

I ALWAYS assosiate book things with things like this and my Family is like.....