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Explore Screenshot, Captured and more! Pokemon 2 Awesome Name: Pokemon 2 Awesome Remake From: Pokemon Emerald Remake by: hinkage Description: You are the typical Trainer who wants to beat the 4 Gyms of the Empire region while constantly beating your extremely salty and HUGE douchebag of a rival who goes by the name of Fatal. Along the way you see/hear about Pokemon being murdered. You don't know who is doing it and you don't care. It just so happens that you and the…

WP&NYT are laying about political changes in Poland; very bad...; Fot.

Trump rooster statue (People's Daily, screenshot)

A Georgetown University associate professor had a month-long meltdown after a Muslim woman explained why she voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Political YouTube Video  Thumbnail Screenshot Template 3 - YouTube Social Media

Political YouTube Video Thumbnail Screenshot Template 3