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from Mad World News

Julian Assange Gets Sweet Revenge After Hillary Cuts His Internet

With just a little over 2 weeks before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is pulling out all the stops to keep Julian Assange’s mouth shut. With no success at actually killing him, her minions did the next best thing by cutting off his internet at the embassy several days ago. Unfortunately

Our Military HEROES are severely underpaid! Things need to change in this country, PLEASE America, VOTE TRUMP to end political corruption in America, who better to fix the economy, lower taxes and lower debt!


To the First Lady, With Love

To the First Lady, With Love - The New York Times

My Boju Life: For the U.S. History Teachers teaching the Great Depression

Media Matters busts CNN for paying full-time Trump 'bullshit artists' to lie. You have to watch this. Seriously.

Have you ever wondered what US Presidents were really like, beyond what we've learned in history classes? Read on to find out some fun facts you may h

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson

from BuzzFeed

27 Times Tumblr Used Art History Perfectly To Make A Point

Don't do the thing, guise, because ba - IM GONNA DO THE THING!

Students use Strip Designer app to create a comic strip to showcase the key people, philosophies, and terms of the Enlightenment and Age of Reason @Melissa Squires Squires Spivak. Fiske