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This election has been more about who has done the most worse stuff rather than who will be the best leader. It's embarrassing.

"Who else has more than one alarm just to wake up?"

And remember what the Unethical Hillary Clinton has done for 25 years.

No one, man or woman, young or old should put down other people to make themselves feel powerful or more important

Everyone is worried about the clowns on the street... I'm more worried about the two clowns running for president

Hillary Clinton had a bad debate night. Trump won that debate hands down, with many saying it was his best debate thus far. The night was so bad for Hillary, that she gave up more CLASSIFIED information – this time regarding our nuclear launch times. Watch the clip: No one caught that Crooked Hillary stated on LIVE TV what our NUKE RESPONSE TIME IS 4 MIN??@FoxNews @DRUDGE #debatenight #ChrisWallace — John T. Miller (@cyvault) October 20, 2016 General Flynn has…

Noah's ark. Scripture study. LDS no more. Quotes.

Absolutely false huh? Kaine lies just like Hillary no surprise there. More

CIA Security, especially the idiot "James" in the SOC is proof of this, along with CIA idiots in Public Affairs, Publication Review Board...but really the PRB & PA Staff I spoke to were just idiots from Security illegally impersonating other CIA Staff...