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Top 10 Movie Sets that Took On A Life Of Their Own

Top 10 Movie Sets that Took On A Life Of Their Own - Christmas Story House, OH A-Christmas-Story-House When filming on 1983’s A Christmas Story ended, Ralphie’s house gave up the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, and went back to being a house. Like other ordinary houses, it was eventually renovated until it looked nothing like it had in the movie. Read more:

Unplugged Play Spaces

Children love to bring home rocks and seashells. Nurture that impulse by dedicating a spot to a mini nature museum.

There's A Magical Trolley Ride In Ohio That Most People Don't Know About

Trolley rides through a beautiful forest are rare. That's why you need to take a weekend to visit to the Ohio Railway Museum in Worthington, Ohio.

Actually that is kinda sweet 'cause you see all these things with a father and his daughter doing cool stuff together like break into a museum after hours. I think there was a Simpsons episode where Homer and Lisa broke into a museum and had fun and become closer. So in all that is really sweet and kinda funny.

A stingray fossil in the Houston Museum of Natural Science ~another case of soft tissue indicated in a fossil, which points to the fact that fossilization occurred RAPIDLY, otherwise, the soft tissue would have ROTTED long before it had a chance to become fossilized.

8 Bizarre Roadside Attractions In Oregon That Will Make You Do A Double Take

From the Keller Fountain to Yaquina Head Lighthouse, these amazing man made wonders in Oregon will drop your jaw. - Gabion river stone sculpture at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, Nevada. photo by Benjamin Fish on Flickr.