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"The Chaos Theory" Difficult to see all of the intricate designs put into this artwork. But they are there. Art by Steve Bailey

Detail of "The Chaos Theory" Every line is different, but it all comes together. Art by Steve Bailey

Creating my art on the loom. Steve Bailey

"The Chaos Theory" The varying colors and jewels create movement and excitement. Art by Steve Bailey

Saori Weaving "The Chaos Theory." It is over 7 feet tall. Each line tells a story. Art by Steve Bailey

"New Mexico Evening" The New Mexico sands, bushes, wisps of wind, sage brush, and evening sunset all rise to the dark of night, complete with Swarovski crystals as stars. Steve Bailey

"New Mexican Sunset" All of the colors and energy of a New Mexico sunset, vibrantly illustrated, complete with wispy touches of the ever present winds. Steve Bailey

Creating "Desert Evening." Each shift of the shuttle bets closer to the final art. SteveBaileyArt@aol.com

Yarns, metal chains, and ribbons. It's all art. SteveBaileyArt@aol.com

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