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Lordsong - Stephanie Reese / Jun Latonio / Sanny Leviste. HD Version of Lordsong featuring Stephanie Reese performing Jun Latonio's arrangement of Sanny Leviste's composition.

BERNARDO BERNARDO is one of my most gifted performing artist-friends based in Southern California. Although I don't know him as a performing artist but as my dharma friend, he taught me that a performing artist's talent can heal an audience. The next time you laugh at a comedian's jokes, remember that your laughter heals YOU!

JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ. One of my favorite dance artists (Remember the girl group, Pinay?) in America. Still in San Diego. I am going to find this girl!

Reasons - Tateng Katindig I met Tateng through my adopted sister, Dinah Bertulfo Katindig, his energetic spouse. Based in Los Angeles, Tateng knows both traditional and Filipino-style jazz. Get to know Tateng through this TV interview:

"The Prayer" by Seven Odon & Kirby Asunto. 14 y/o, Seven and his friend, Kirby Asunto, 14 y/o, sang at the FAMC Simbang Gabi 2011 on December 10, 2011.