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Sodium, aka salt, is an electrolyte that’s used in the body for proper water balance, pH balance (or acid-base balance), muscle contractions, and nerve function. Sodium actively controls the fluid outside of cells and is used to pump it inside; potassium drags any by-products out. Too much causes hypertension and CV disease.

Here is a list of low sodium foods. These are items you will want to consume if you are on a low sodium diet.

DID YOU KNOW: Food labeling rules allow up to 5 mg per serving in a product labeled "sodium-free.".... "very low-sodium” are allowed to have up to 35 mg per serving........ "low-sodium" means 140 mg or less…… "reduced sodium" means the usual sodium level has been cut by at least 25% "unsalted," "without added salt" and “no salt added” mean that it contains no additional salt beyond the amount that occurs naturally in the food.

Have a look at The DASH Diet Phase 2 follows the 14 days of Dash Diet Phase 1. The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It was originally developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute in order to lower blood pressure and promote healthy bodies.

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