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must be fairies near my house because it is really easy to find four leaf clovers all over ;)

Come fairies, take me out of this dull world. For I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame. W.B.Y. Yeats

the-clockmakers-daughter: idrils-secret-way: by Susan Shroder ༺ Can You Handle a Twisted Fairy Tale? ༻

No idea why I like this -- I think it reminds me of who I was before the weight of the world rested on my shoulders -- my inner fairy :)

Faery ❤❦♪♫Thanks, Pinterest Pinners, for stopping by, viewing, re-pinning, & following my boards. Have a beautiful day! ^..^ and “Feel free to share on Pinterest ♡♥♡♥ #fashionupdates #fairytales4kids ❤❦♪♫

My apologies to everyone else, my stalker is acting up again and i am setting things straight... Much love and apprecitation to all I work with, speak to, inspire, whom I call home, with so much love.. Thank you.. All of you.. From the heart I am truly touched and I feel the love from every single person. Love will always outshine the hate.. So lets let love shine in each and every one of us :) xxx

(Open rp) I start to play the little Viola I had gotten from the human. I think they might miss it but it was so shiny and pretty. I turn around when I hear someone behind me. "Hey! Help me!" I hold onto the instrument as I get picked up off the ground. I squeak as I look up at the big human. "Let me go!" And they plop me into a glass jar. "Mommy look what I have!"…

Sidhe Fairies... well kind of... but well... we know the truth don't we, my Corvi? :)