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Hey I'm Google. I'm 19. I'm single, and don't tell anyone, especially Twitter or Facebook, that I have a major crush on Yahoo. She's so cute! Anyways, I know basically everything so if you need help with school or homework or anything I'm here! I like finishing people's sentences even when they don't make sense. Introduce?

"Hey mom? I think I need to go to the doctor!" Ya I could defiantly go to the doctor if dave franco is included!

AEC: Guys with dogs (27 photos)

Showed this to my sister, and said, "Isn't he cute? I would like to have something like that some day." She agreed, enthusiastically. Turns out, I was talking about that cute little dog, but she was talking about the cute dude. "another pinner"

@Samantha Vruno so true! "oh hot damn!" "Well if your going to look at guys then I am going to look at girls..." "Trust me she wasn't looking at the guys!" "I was looking at that sexy truck!"

Holy hot damn levi u r gods creation u fine french fry

Omg i love all of them! the sad realisation we come to is that they are all old enough to b our dads :(