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I've had the pleasure of welcoming 4 new coaches to my team this week after a really fun little glimpse group where I shared more about coaching and what I do. I'm honestly thrilled to help them achieve their health and business goals. One thing I heard this week was "I'm not sure I can do this because I don't have a Beachbody" and another "I don't have many friend on social media". Common misconceptions! Before coaching I was 40 lbs heavier and I had a very select group of friends on…

Instagram media by nolimit_squeak - I've than fed mouths dat talked shit about me I then pick ppl up dat tired to knock me down I then did favors 4 ppl who can't do shit 4 me but Ima tell u 1 thing I'm ain't gne lose my self through these hating ass niggas Ima continue to b me

Have you been 👀 your Instagram insights? These little nuggets of info can change your Insta-game and kick your strategy into high gear! - I've noticed a few interesting things about my insights lately, and I want to see if you've seen something similar... - ★ Photo content with long-form captions including tips and tutorials are performing better than videos ★ Posting outside of "peak" times has resulted in more engagement ★ Stories around 3-4 clips long have higher viewer-retention ★…

Ten goals I've made for myself recently: 1) Speak only in a positive mindset. 2) No cursing. 3) Do not say the word hate or speak out of anger. 4) When people are being negative, uplift them and remind them of the power of positive thinking. 5) Emulate love and positivity wherever I am. 6) Smile more. 7) "The six foot rule" - If anyone is within six feet of me I will greet them and ask them how they are doing, no matter where I am. 8) Disconnect from all things negative: media, television…

Finding the right rug can be an arduous effort. And when you pass up the perfect one of a kind, the regret can be torturous. I speak from experience. Thanks to social media, however, I've uncovered a handful of incredible vintage rug sellers that have helped feed my obsession. And now, I'm

A dish of creamy warm comfort food, this Creamed Spinach Tortellini with Seasoned Shrimp is the perfect thing for a hearty Winter meal. New year, a new you, right? I’ve seen my social media feeds inundated with every inspirational meme ever conceivable. Long lists of probably unrealistic resolutions? That seems to be the trend. Meanwhile I’m … … Continue reading →

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