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how to get an orchid to flower once it has bloomed

Every orchid species is unique. Luckily, there are some generalizations when it comes to watering your orchid. Check out our free watering cheat sheet.

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Indoor Orchid Care - How Do I Take Care Of An Orchid Flower?

Orchids are some of the most commonly grown houseplants. With proper growing conditions, it isn’t difficult to take care of orchid plants. Read here to get some indoor orchid care tips.

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7 Detailed Tips on How to Keep Orchids Beautiful and Healthy

7 detailed tips on how to keep your orchid beautiful and healthy

A popular flower associated with perfection, love, beauty, luxury, fertility and children, orchids are a popular plant choice for the home. Here is how to take care of them.

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Repotting Orchids: Orchid Care (Part I

Repotting Orchids: Orchid Care (Part I) | Earthworm Technologies

Cymbidium Orchids are beautiful & not hard to care for at all. Learn what they like & what you need to do to keep yours going strong. There's a video too.

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Help me identify this beautiful plant. I would also like to know where

Type of orchid cactus. Epiphyllum family. Named "German Empress".

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How to care for orchids and keep houseplants alive

How to care for orchids. Orchids are a popular houseplant but many people think they are 'difficult' to grow. In fact, they are suprisingly hardy. The main mistake people make is to cover the roots (this applies to the moth orchid, the most common). Their roots are green like leaves because they can photosynthesise, so keep them in a clear, transparent pot and feed with special orchid food.