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Essential Oil blend 'Settle' grounding blend 10ml roller bottle

Essential Oil blend 'Settle' grounding blend 10ml roller bottle by FatPlantsNZ on Etsy

This is one of my favorite blends for calming and stress relief. It's the one I send to work with my husband to diffuse in his office to help bring down his stress levels and anxious feelings, and one that I use frequently to help calm the chaos in our home with 5 children! You can diffuse, put it in an inhaler to have on the go, or make a roller bottle blend to wear topically. For a roller bottle, combine...

Good morning! It's the weekend! Time to get up, get out and get stuff done. Mix up this great roller blend to invigorate your senses. All you need is a 10 mL glass roller bottle, a carrier oil of your choice (fractionated coconut oil, almond or avocado oil), 30 drops lemon oil, 8 drops eucalyptus oil, 6 drops peppermint oil and 2 drops cinnamon oil. Add all essential oils to the glass roller bottle and then top off with the carrier oil. This will surely "wake you up"!

H A P P Y - M A M A // blend 6Bergamot 6Clary Sage 12Frankincense 6Grapefruit 6Wild Orange Into a 10ml roller ball topped with fractionated coconut oil ✨ Apply to back of neck, on bones directly behind the ears of in palms & inhale

Happy Momma Blend | Essential Oil Recipe | A great recipe to uplift your mood! Combine several drops of each in a 10ml roll-on bottle and fill the rest with carrier. Roll on wrists, back of neck, or over the heart. Make sure not to wear this out in the sun, as these oils are photosensitive!

+My ligament & tendon support essential oil blend + 10 drops each of Young Living Lemongrass, Wintergreen, Peppermint (&/or Panaway) & Copaiba. Fill the rest of a 10ml roller bottle with carrier oil. Member #1603414

Fibromyalgia buster - ** add eos to one bottle as a master blend then dilute accordingly to the size of your bottle. For example, if using a 10ml roller ball, add 6 drops from the master blend to the bottle and top off with fco for a 2% dilution.