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I feel these are going down!!

If there are no ups and downs in your life....It means you are dead..

Fun ways to teach your piano kids to reach instead of sliding up and down on the piano bench.

When the main character makes a stupid decision and you have to stop reading just to calm yourself down

Don't you know all you need to do is spread your wings and fly? All it takes is for you to reach up, and you can touch the sky. Be free, don't let these chains hold you down. Fly away and leave your worries behind.

If every woman in the world woke up tomorrow and decided that she loved herself and loved her body just the way it is, how many industries would go out of business?

And then showed up at his house asking him to help take down a corrupt secret government agency.

“From the neck up, I was regal… But from the neck down, I was a heathen god’s plaything.” This part of the book was strangely empowering to me, not to mention it was the start of many incredible scenarios between Feyre and Rhys. I know it’s pretty...

from privityboutique

Fun in the Sun Tunic Dress: Burgundy

Fun in the Sun Tunic Dress: Burgundy from privityboutique