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Practise makes a person #perfect. #Share the quote below if you feel the same.

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Like I mean.. Today. Right now! On this day. Try it! Even if only with the teeny-tiniest of baby steps. It all counts ;)

The only person I make love to is my husband. As it should be. I don't think cheaters get over on anyone. Nor would I care what one thought.

"no one will be able to change me, i'm a broken and shattered cd. no matter how perfectly you tape it back together, it will never play again." - from numb :: bwwm (Short Story) (on Wattpad) #quote #wattpad

I want someone I can share my entire life with who will leave me alone most of the time. | Cry For Help Ecard

:: QUOTES :: sometimes it’s not just what we see but the warm love of those we share what we love makes a house feel like home

Perfect for each other - Jane Austen quote art #romantic #watercolor

YES! Stop trying to make your life look perfect on social media. Life is not there, but With you.


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And then you realize its only make believe

Henry B. Eyring "Sharing the Gospel Heart to Heart" First Presidency Message Ensign Sept 2012 #ldsquote "missionary