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Beyond The Pain: Living Your Advantage Life in A Disadvantaged World by Dr. Jeff May Get your copy today! #AdvantageLife

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #540: If Loki should take a sudden interest in you for no obvious reason, back away and inform your superi...

King Charles I of England. During his trial at Westminster Hall Charles refused to recognise the authority of the court arguing that a king was answerable only to God.

Original Vietnam Zippo 1968 US Army WOW very race , vietnam war , U.S army (02/02/2012)

Translations of #BTS Self-written Profiles Step #1: Let Me Introduce Bangtan -- cr: ARMY Base (@bangtanitl)

Owain Gwynedd, aka Owain Fawr (Owain the Great) born c 1100 Gwynedd - died 23 or 28/11/1170, son of Gruffudd ap Cynan. Owain was King of Gwynedd and the first to be styled Prince of Wales. Owain led his forces with great success winning a major victory over the Normans at Crug Mawr in 1136. Owain took advantage of the Anarchy (English civil war 1139-54) between King Stephen and Empress Matilda to push the boundaries of Gwynedd further east than ever before. In 1157 king Henry II of England…

Aw, cute, but lemme tell you what this really is. It may seem like these cats are proud of the new baby, but in reality, they're sitting there, planning on how they can recruit her into their evil army and use her to their advantage. Not so cute now, is it? The more you know!

The Passchendaele campaign cost the British Army about a quarter-million casualties in 3 months! It was truly a living inferno, nearly as bad as Verdun.