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[VIDEO] Horseshoe Bend Arizona USA. 2016 [OC] #outdoors #nature #sky #weather #hiking #camping #world #love

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Top 10 Most Essential Pieces of Backpacking Gear That Get Overlooked

Introduction to Layered Clothing Systems Overview Veronica Long, Austin Palmer, and Gregory Beauregard wet but still happy while wearing insulating and water resistant layers to manage their temperatu...

As the weather warms up we go for walks and hikes so why not stretch in the crisp outdoors as well. Want to download our Hiker Stretch workout? Download Sworkit and follow us on social media for the links!

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What to Wear for Hiking in Cold Weather

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The Three Layers You Need to Stay Warm in Freezing Winter

Temperatures are painfully frigid across much of the country, so it's important to protect your skin and eyes and dress effectively to stay warm. This infographic shows us the three layers that can keep you insulated outdoors.

Clingman's Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee