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(Something to do with the soul mates AU? First time meeting, names have been on each other wrists or something their whole life, but when they do meet the boy (Doctor) is about to tell the girl's family that it's too late to save her.

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Always. That's why it's scooped both of us up right where we were in life. We are amazing together no matter where we are. So excited for what's to come! My lrd ❤️

Last night I watched a kitty cat documentary called "The Lion In Your Living Room" I heard them saying that when they are kittens they stand their tails up strait to tell their mummy "Hey Mum I want food." They grow up and all the baby stuff wears off. Instead when they become cats they stand their tail up right to another cat saying "Hey You. Let's be friends!" The other cat will ever stand it's tail upright saying of course! Or Just ignoring and walking away saying "not today" These cats…

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That's what the fox says

I'm Australian and I just realised a flaw in calling that channel 7mate. You could say "that show's on 7, mate" and someone could think you meant "that show's on 7mate"

I will share a lot with many people. But I won't really open up. Most people can't tell the difference anyway.