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LITERALLY ME. I'll be having a bad day & BOOM 1D and I'm happy again


Everyone have a good Christmas

Reason no. 4256272982738292 why I love him

Im gonna miss these silly boys!!! Its good that they are taking a break, I admit I'm sad but they deserve it. I love them so much and they have helped me in so many ways. I cant wait to see them in 2017!

And Liam is like : Daaaamn son you got da booty.>>>>this comment cracks me up!<<< I have no freaking clue what's going on but that first comment about made me die

One of the most important people to me....Someone I would die for....Am I crazy? No. No, I'm just in love, and you have not experienced that...And I feel sorry for you.

Niall Horan on Snapchat :)